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HORSEPOWER Electrolyte 3

It’s really quite simple — electrolytes are about replacing what has been lost in sweat. Horsepower’s Electrolyte 3 is designed to do just that, having been formulated to closely match equine sweat. (Hence the name ‘Electrolyte 3′, there being three main components to sweat: chloride, sodium and potassium). Depletion of these three essential ions can affect a wide range of bodily functions from nerve impulse transmission to muscle contraction, thirst and water balance.

As well as workload, climatic conditions can greatly affect the need to supplement a horse’s diet with electrolytes. Obviously, the hotter and more humid the climate, the more a horse will sweat and, therefore, the greater the need to replenish both water and salts. But don’t be fooled into thinking that in cold weather, electrolytes are not needed. In cold temperatures, horses’ water intake naturally diminishes, leaving them susceptible to dehydration if electrolyte levels are low.

Also, be aware that while conditions such as tying-up can involve an acute response to a lack of electrolytes, often less obvious (or sub-clinical) symptoms such as muscle soreness and stiffness can negatively affect a horse’s performance.

HORSEPOWER Minerals Plus Blocks

The key word here is “mineral”. The Horsepower Minerals Plus block is a great way to provide ad-lib minerals to horses. Where traditional salt licks provide little more than “treat” value, having a Minerals Plus block available allows the horse to supplement its own mineral requirements “on demand” and according to its individual needs.

Formulated specifically for horses (not cattle, sheep or other ruminants), the block has excellent levels of copper, zinc and manganese, which are so often lacking in their diets.

The blocks contain zeolite, a complex natural mineral that has been added to improve digestive efficiency, neutralise fungal toxins and provide silica to assist in strengthening tendons.

While chewing wood and bark can signal a lack of fibre or roughage in a horse’s diet, chewing dirt often indicates a mineral deficiency. The new 5kg blocks are great for horses in a stable or yard environment, as they provide a physical health benefit as well as mental stimulation. The advantage of this is that boredom is often a precursor to stable vices such as cribbing, weaving and even wind-sucking.

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