Horse Feed

Horsepower offers an extensive range of equine nutrition products to suit a variety of different needs.

Developed over 25 years, our range includes feeds and supplements, incorporating the latest research with sound nutritional practice.

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Sweetfeed No 4

HORSEPOWER Sweetfeed #4 is a non oat feed designed for performance and race horses. It includes all the minerals, vitamins, high level vitamin E, electrolytes, trace elements, oil, protein and energy required by all performance horses. HorsePower Sweetfeed #4 is a combination of triticale, cracked corn, steamed rolled barley, sunflower seeds, micronised lupins, molafos, omega oils. salt, DCP, limestone, Horsepower vitamin mineral and trace element premix, Vitamin E and chelated Chromium.

Sweetfeed No 1

Horsepower  Sweetfeed #1 is a high energy concentrate containing all the protein, minerals and trace elements required by the working horse.

When feeding 4-7kg of Horsepower Sweetfeed #1 per day with hay or chaff, there is need to feed any other supplements.

Horsepower Sweetfeed #1 is a combination of oats, corn, sunflower, lupins, lime, DCP, molasses, vegetable and fish oils,salt, Horsepower #1 premix, vitamins and mineral premixs.

Equestrian Pellets

Horsepower Equestrian contains no grain. For this reason, horses fed Horsepower Equestrian remain calm, yet get all the energy they need for most competitive sports. “Poor doers” will put on weight easily.

In order to supply all of a horses mineral requirements feed a minimum of 2.5kg of Horsepower Equestrian per day plus chaff and hay.

Horsepower Equestrian is composed of Horsepower Electrolytes, trace elements, minerals, pre mixes, bran and pollard.

Horsepower Micronized Feed

Micronization is a patented and specialised cooking procedure utilising infra-red heat, moisture and pressure to alter the structure of starch granules. This process, known as gelatinisation, makes starch more available for digestion in the small intestine. This in turn reduces the amount of starch reaching the hind gut where it can cause problems such as excess acid and gas formation. Horsepower MicroBarley, MicroCorn and MicroLupins are all now available. Click here to download the brochure Microfeeds 1

Nitcshke Oaten Chaff

Oaten chaff is considered softer, sweeter, flatter and more palatable than wheaten chaff. Oaten chaff is used in horse and cattle rations and is high in fibre.

Nitschke Weaten Chaff

Wheaten chaff is quite high in fibre and is a very palatable feed source. This makes it an excellent source of roughage for horses and cattle.

Lucerne Chaff

Lucerne chaff (also known as alfalfa) is chaffed lucerne crop. It is a good fibre source and has a significant profile of other nutrients.

Pack Size

30kg hessian bag.